Friday, May 8, 2009

Magick's Mystick Blessings

Welcome to the owners of the pagan community's newest store - L & M Crafts Presents Magick's Mystick Blessings located at 8301 Philadelphia Rd in Rosedale, MD 410-391-5507.
LouAnn Feibel operates the store, along with her husband Mike and her daughter Angel.

She has a unique story as to how she came about opening the store. Her love of crafts and the art of crafting compelled her to start her first venture "L & M Crafts". For the last 30 years or so, she worked tirelessly at various flea markets, fairs, etc. She developed a keen eye for bargains and also became hyper-aware of the limitations of her customers - she wanted her pricing structure to be so that things desired can be affordable for those with ( and without!) budgets.
An opportunity arose about a year or so ago for LouAnn to have her own store in Rosedale. It was not long before, supported by the available space and opportunity and love of all things magickal, she added her pagan offerings to her store inventory. Things just naturally evolved into a homey and comfortable environment that encourages both browsing and lingering. LouAnn has her own line of bath salts and potpourri and she offers little bowls filled with samples for anybody to take home and try. Her fragrances fill the air!

Currently, there is Tarot reading by Bennu by appointment and a selection of his magickal oils and incenses for sale.

This is a very child friendly place - breakables seem positioned out of reach. There is a Kid's Kraft corner in the front section of the store - a wonderful area for kids to draw, create, etc. and display their work on a huge board for all to see - what a great idea!

In addition to the crafts and pagan items, she also has an extensive inventory of body piercing supplies, jewelry, etc.

LouAnn also sells Mountain T-shirts - $10 for Adult sizes and $5 for Child sizes. They are displayed on one entire wall of the store. She also has a display of hand-sewn pillows made with designs and fabrics from the Mountain line - I picked up one of “The Morrighan” for only $10!

She also will take any order for any customer out of the Azure Green catalog - at her discount and no shipping fees.. When I asked her why she does that she replied simply that it is her way of "giving back".

Now - that's a bargain!

Please visit when you can - the shop is closed on Sundays and Mondays. The store is very easy to find - not far from Pastore's of Rosedale - sitting on the corner across from the dentist's (Dr. Wendy Rose-Hyatt) office. There is also a huge sign out front with the address numbers - 8301 - can't miss it.

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