Friday, July 10, 2009

Join my Yahoo Group!

If you are interested in anything of a mystickal and esoteric nature, or ever wondered just what the heck is a pagan/wiccan/witch anyway??? please feel free to join my Yahoo group.

This group is one of the most active groups in Maryland - and the best thing is that about half the membership lives out-of-state and from all over the world.

We have everything from wiccans, witches, druids, just-pagan, please!, druids, atheists, agnostics, vampires, voudoun, and of course some of my favorite christian friends who just want to see what it's all about.

Everyone of any spiritual path is invited to join - I ask only that you post responsibly and courteously.

I believe everyone is allowed to have a voice and the chance to be heard.....all I ask is that you "listen" in return.

No flaming is tolerated.

Other than that, feel free to express your opinion and whatever is on your mind.

Blessings and safe journies always!

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