Friday, January 22, 2010

Cannella's - Nirvana on a Roll

Apparently, Cannella's has been around for some time. I have only just discovered this little gem about 9 or 10 months ago. Since then, I have made the trek from my office on the-always-fun-to-navigate Belair Rd to it's rather unassuming location (looks like a former 7-11) in Perry Hall.

The fact that whatever I buy has to be transported to my home that can take either 30 minutes or an hour depending on a lot to do with what I order.

So I started safe and ordered a cold sub for my first go-round - the "Baggio" and a medium size container of potato salad.

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived home about 40 minutes later and unwrapped the sub - not only was it perfectly wrapped - but looked as if it had been prepared only minutes before. I actually could not believe how good and fresh it really was!

The potato salad was very creative - huge chucks of garlicky pickles intermingled with the cooked-just-right potatoes. Very seldom can I order deli potato salad with any hopes of not receiving half-raw potatoes. It was most appreciated.

So, to be sure that I did not have "beginner's luck", I have gone back again....and again.....and!

I have tried several other subs - The "Porketta" is one of my faves - lean pork roast cooked tender-perfect, with onions and provolone and their signature goddess, it sent me into blissful nirvana!

I have also tried the meatball sub and their Italian - both very, very good.

If you are looking for a entree - try the homemade ravioli. Delicious. Tender pillows of cheese with an awesome sauce bursting with flavors....a real treat for anyone craving authentic Italian cooking.

You can also purchase their breads - OR, like me, you can buy a frozen loaf to take home and bake fresh from the oven.

There is a nice small dining area - and they recently installed a self-service soda fountain machine for those who like to drink from cups with ice.

This place is very out-of-my-way, yet I make the time to go-out-of-my-way whenever I can!

Location: 9611 Belair Road • Perry Hall, Maryland 21236 Phone: 410-248-3288

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  1. I'm starving all of the sudden. You have a beautiful way of reminding the reader that eating can be such a heavenly experience.

    I left you a little something at my writing blog, go claim it ;-)