Wednesday, June 9, 2010


OK - I was a good little sheep and mailed back my census form on time. Now I am being contacted by them - my first thought - scam...and I deleted the message.

Anyway - today I decide to investigate - at any rate - there does appear to be a "survey" which asks for very personal information, being conducted.

They advise to call a number to verify if I am in a "survey".

Are they kidding? It's bad enough that I am monitored everytime I use the internet or a credit card, but do they think that I am actually going to physically and willingly volunteer this info??

Please.....I don't care if it IS legitimate - I am not going to participate.

If the government really really really needs to know how much I make and what I spend it on - then do the research and find out on your own.

I will be double-damned if I will allow anyone from the government to know anything about me by actually telling them!!!!!

I'm done with government. They are in my pockets, they try to get into my private bedroom, and now they want to get inside my head.

Piss off!

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