Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pissed on/Pissed off Former Democrat

I was sooooo pissed a few years ago that I switched my affiliation from Dem to Independent - yesterday I mailed in my papework to switch to....GASP! dare I say it - Republican!!!....yes...not all repubs are right wing extremists - just like all dems are not left wing bleeding liberals....there are many many many more like me who are somewhere between crazy and strict libertarians. See - I don't really give a rat's ass who someone marries and shrug....if it's for you, Pro-Choice is ok with me. Because I believe that government should not really delve into personal and private issues that in the BIG scheme of things - won't mean anything anyway when our country is going in the toilet. In other words, I don't believe that we should elect a leader based solely on such dividing and emotional issues such as these. We need to come together in the middle and focus on China, oil, economy, jobs and security - as in let's make a plan and do it - let's hunker down and find that one single little tiny teeny shred of commonality that we all possess - all million colors of us - we ALL possess it - and that is personal freedom. Isn't that what sets us apart - to be able to be pro-choice or not, to worship God or the Goddess, to live and breathe alongside each other no matter what the differences we may have? Isn't that what freedom is all about? Isn't that what our forefathers imagined - at the cost of many many indigenous peoples - who sacrificed their land and their lives to us so that we could live freely??? If not, what is the whole point - to cower under people in faraway lands who hate me just because I am American? When did being American become a bad and evil thing? I am proudly American, proudly Spiritual, proudly tax-paying and charitable to those who need it, seeking to become a part of the solution...and not to add to the problem. If I can encourage one person to think like this...and they can encourage 1 more person...and on and on and on...I live and let live. I respect all and any. I judge no one. I protect self and family and harm no one. No one - not even those who hate.

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