Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A favorite neighborhood dive

A fave place when I worked in West Baltimore was a little place called Charlie and Dee's Carryout on Bush Street. OR, as we called it "Chuck & Di's"! : )

Back in the day, about 18 years or so, this was THE place for a quick breakfast on the way to work or a quick lunch during a quick lunch hour for me and many of the industrial area's workers.

I had an occasion last week to be in the area before they closed and decided to revisit it for one of my most favorites lunches - chicken salad and ice tea.

Their chicken salad is practically famous, and it is always fresh and always great tasting. The same for their ice tea - they make a sweet and unsweetened version in a big gallon jug that is kept in one of the coolers. Customers serve themselves - get a cup, scoop some ice and pour from one of the jugs. (They also have lemonade)If you want a slice of fresh lemon, hand the cup top to the owner and he will bring you back a slice from the kitchen.

The sub was exactly as it always was - on a H & S roll, packed full with fresh lettuce and good. And so very cheap - about $5.69. The large tea is cheap as well....the total tab was about $7 and some change.

I have gotten used to good breads and rolls at pricier "gourmet" places, so the H & S roll was a throwback to my early days when I did not know any better, but the chicken salad would have tasted just as good on a rice cake....the bread is always just secondary to the chicken salad here.

The homemade tea, as usual, was stellar.

So, for quick, tasty and cheap eats on the run and you happen to be near this beloved dive, stop in and enjoy the food...just try not to think too much about the!

Charlie & Dee's Restaurant

Pigtown/Washington Village

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