Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Roseloe Motel - Country Comfort

 There aren't any bad things I can really say about this low-key locally-managed 50's style motel. There is actually a resident manager on premises and this lovely lady's name is Thelma Curtis. She will instantly remind you of a favorite aunt, or concerned grandma - she embodies all that is good about home-style comfort.

 The home-like comfort description is very fitting - the room I stayed in was number 26 also known as the “Sam Snead” room. Indeed, his pictures adorned the walls painted a serene and calming washed-out blue. The room was exactly as I expected - a little faded and a little worn around the edges, but in that home-y comfortable sort of way that will instantly steal your heart. There are no fancy bells and whistles, but what you will find is an extraordinary understanding of a weary traveler and her needs. There were a few amenities included in the very budget-friendly price that were immediately appreciated. FREE basic cable with HBO on a 27” TV, plus all the things you would want away from home - coffee maker, fridge, microwave, phone (Free local calls).

 There were thoughtful conveniences like real paper towels on a holder along with a cooking guide for the microwave. The motel binder included not only the menus of all the area's eateries and a channel listing, but the names and phone numbers of the area's B & B's including the insanely expensive Homestead. I appreciate any place that includes listings of their competitors! I found that interesting and extremely endearing, considering that this little modest motel can be easily missed because of the popularity and historic status of the hulking Homestead and the enchanting web sites of the area B & B's offering idyllic stays in their gorgeous Victorians.

 The bathroom was impeccably clean, as was the sink vanity area that was separate from the tub and toilet which is very convenient when there is more than one guest. Who wants to put on their makeup over a toilet in a steamy bathroom?

 This is a great place to stay if you wish to enjoy the magnificent natural springs at Jefferson Pools and/or hike and relax in the many varied natural areas nearby. You can spend an entire day at Lake Moomaw or the Goshen Pass gorge area or enjoy a leisurely and scenic drive up Route 220 towards Monterey in Highland County - a gorgeous mountainous area and quaint little town known as Virginia's “Little Switzerland”.





For the most affordable dining experience, check out the Country Café. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their homemade pies are amazing.


 The area B & B's do offer fabulous stays but if you appreciate the privacy of your own room and convenient parking right outside your doorstep and cannot, or like me, will not pay the exorbitant prices at The Homestead, this charming little motel will fit the bill.

 This motel is truly a throwback - there are no internet reservations or confirmation numbers - just call and advise Mrs. Curtis when you want to visit. Almost like visiting Grandma's house!

Rt 1 Box 590
Hot Springs, VA 24445




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